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Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club is committed to providing professional facilities and services to its members, their guests and visitors. You have the opportunity to become part of the Club under a Corporate Sponsorship helping to support a leading Club in and for the community. Corporate Sponsorship provides the mechanism for your company to increase brand awareness in a captive market.  Value is provided to your company through sponsorship and support mediums resulting in the opportunity to reward staff and develop stronger relationships with your key stakeholders. This is merely an introduction to what we can provide, of which will be elaborated upon with a personal consultation with a member of our professional management team.

Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club is home to the Victorian Junior Masters, Australia's leading junior golf tournament.  Your Sponsorship can incorporate participation with the tournament.  Aside from the obvious exciting benefits delivered from this involvement, sponsorship provides your company the opportunity to directly support and foster junior golf.  Additonally, it facilitates Interstate and International brand awareness and corporate exposure generated through the event. Click here for further information pertaining to the Victorian Junior Masters. 

At Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club, partnerships are tailored to meet the needs, wants and desires of your organisation.  Quite often companies enter into a generic sponsorship with components that are of little use or value to them. Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club will establish a partnership relationship unique to your company, thus creating and providing true value.

To enquire further and/or to make an appointment at a convenient location and date/time for you,
please contact Matthew Taylor (General Manager)
03 9764 5144

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