Waverley Golf Club


The Board of Directors of the Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club is committed 
to the protection of personal information of members. The Club may be subject to 
the national Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. The National Privacy 
Principles govern the way the Club will collect, use, disclose and secure information 
about members. They also permit the member to access the information the Club 
holds about that member in order to correct or update it. Member information is 
required to run the business of the Club. 

- The Club may collect and hold information such as the members' name, age, address, 
contact details, gender, employment, next of kin and other information relevant to Club 

- Information collected will be used principally for the purpose of managing the affairs of the 
Club and helping members maximise the benefits of membership. This may include 
providing members with information about services and facilities at the Club including 
events, functions and other Club activities. Any sensitive information, such as health 
information, or the use of electric carts on the golf course, may be collected as required to 
comply with the rules of the Club. 

- The Club has, and will continue to have, data quality procedures in place to check that 
personal information about members is accurate, complete and up to date and will aim to 
ensure that information is held securely at all times. 

- Members have a right to access personal information pertaining to themselves, held by the 
Club on request, unless one of the exceptions under the legislation will apply. 

- If a member establishes that information held is not accurate, complete or up to date, then 
reasonable steps will be taken to correct the information. 

- The General Manager of the Club will be the designated person to manage the Privacy 

If members have any complaints or concerns about privacy matters, they should 
contact the General Manager. It is understood members will be able to contact the 
Privacy Commissioner in regard to any matter. 

Matthew Taylor 
General Manager 
Churchill-Waverley Golf and Bowls Club Ltd. 

Effective - 1 April 2017

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